Introducing Teresa


Psychotherapy and Counselling. Limerick City and County.

Hello and welcome. My name is Teresa Sheahan, qualified and approved psychotherapist.

My decision to become a psychotherapist stems from a dark period in my own life which I overcame after following therapy. Therapy enabled me to discover my own personal strengths and also gave me the courage to make changes to my own life.

I believe as we get caught up in day to day life our true self can become lost. This can take a toll on our mind and our body. If our body is to remain in a constant state of stress, it will prohibit us from functioning at our very best.

The saying “when you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got” holds a lot of truth for me because change doesn’t always come easy. So my aim is to work with integrity, compassion and dignity for all my clients. Helping them to restore their own personal balance. I have studied therapies , so targeting the mind body spirit approach.  I feel gives me the ability to treat the whole person and achieve the best outcomes.

Biodynamics is a complementary therapy concerned with the integration of all levels of human experience. So it addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of existence. It emphasises and directly addresses the energetic and emotional meaning of physical posture and bodily symptoms.

Counselling and Psychotherapy with PCI gave me a greater in-depth understanding of theories and practical approaches.  I now incorporate these strategies into my own work with you.

Because with a rigid body the mind struggles so therefore, in order to achieve true harmony, the mind and body must become balanced. Through my training and personal experience I feel I can offer clients a heartfelt approach. Working with you in order to achieve your personal goals and needs.

“I feel we all have the power to heal ourselves and move forward with our lives. Because with care and compassion within a non-judgemental environment we can create and achieve our true potential and the lives we want to live”.

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member of iacp
qualified by pci collage
oakwood clinic